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Tough Love-It's a reverse harem LOL by XieKazu
Tough Love-It's a reverse harem LOL
Oh look, I made a totally original reverse harem story. OwO

All 18-year-old Aiko wants is a normal life and to live peacefully, but that peace is disturbed when her crazy tomboy friend Yua comes up with a plan to drug the university's five most notorious male students with a vial called Love Potion No. 9 (yes it's a reference to a song/movie of the same name lol). Aiko is reluctant at first but soon gives in to the idea. Both girls manage to succeed in getting the potion into the men without suspicion. The next day, while Aiko is dreading the results, each male runs in and is determined to get Aiko to either date them, marry them, or crazily enough, have smexy time with them! And the guys do so with extreme violence, like assault, attempted raep time, and even murder, all done in an innocent-comedic way, or so Aiko thinks. So now Aiko is stuck with the choice to either say "I do", or "I don't!"


Aiko: The female lead. An indecisive and aloof kind of girl, Aiko just wants to be alone and do whatever she wants in order to graduate college. She is always unsure of herself and other people. A strong and mostly silent kind of girl. Doesn't like to be forced to do something she doesn't want to do, like drugging people with a love potion. She can't reverse the potion's effects unless she falls in love with one of the guys.

Yua: Aiko's best friend. A tomboy who loves to play around. She gets Aiko to join her in "drugging" the male leads with the Love Potion No. 9 and succeeds. Her favorite hobby is to observe Aiko's misfortunes with each violent guy she meets. Soon she starts to fall for one of the guys...but who?!

Isas: The first male lead Aiko runs into. Their introduction to each other is a shaky one, as Isas threatens the poor girl into dating him with a knife to her throat. He's headstrong, very determined, and a bit egocentric for a boy his age. Although he has an egocentric and possessive nature, he still cares deeply about the people he knows in general. Aiko slowly warms up to him and they become close friends(?). Because of Aiko's supposed friendliness towards Ronin, both he and Ronin have an intense rivalry.

Ronin: A quiet boy wearing spectacles. He meets Aiko by slicing up her desk in two with his katana, since he is head of the kendo club. He then offered Aiko a bouquet of roses to show her how he felt about her, though Aiko was more freaked out by his incredible swordsmanship skills. He is usually very reserved and distant, and is quite an aloof character, when actually he is a bit shy and timid, hiding this fact from the entire world by covering it up with an intense cold personality. Aiko shows a bit of interest in him than the rest of the men. He is Isas' rival in love.

Shouhei: The third boy Aiko meets. He first drags Aiko in to a forced date with him, though he was very calm about it, whereas Aiko protested to the whole idea because he put her at gunpoint and threatened to kill her if she didn't cooperate. An impatient young man who hates wasting a lot of time and losing, he will never give up until his goals are met, no matter what the situation and consequences are. He has a lot of self-control, but is prone to violent mood swings and can lose his cool at certain times. His favorite quote is, "We'll have sexual intercourse after the first date~"

Arata: The fourth boy Aiko meets. He is very charming and seductive to Aiko upon their first meeting, but soon he tries to assault her in order to get her to sleep with him, but he later apologized to her afterwards. No matter how many times he lusts after Aiko she always pushes him away. He's the type who will effortlessly take control of his own destiny, even other people's if he wants to. He is insanely attracted to power, in which in his eyes Aiko seems to have. He is also extremely determined to marry Aiko, and is quite obsessed with his fiance, dubbed 'Aiko-chan~'.

Kazue: The last boy Aiko meets. Kazue is as mysterious as he comes. At first he shows no interest in Aiko, though he secretly stalks her from a distance. He will easily become unresponsive and draws back if he feels unloved or misunderstood. He prefers time alone to enjoy peace and quiet. He's generally attentive in class, although at times he'll feel the need to let his mind wander, as he is quite a daydreamer. Like Ronin, Aiko also shows a bit of interest in him than the rest of the male leads. He enjoys thinking a lot about his dream wedding involving Aiko.
2015...and my first journal in like forever! XD

Anyway I miss everyone I've been in touch with for the past 8 years! And greetings to all new friends~ :D
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L. S. Kim
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hey there~! I'm Lyna (it's pronounced like Lee-na not Lie-na!). I love anime and bishounen (especially glasses-wearing bishies) and werewolves, and yaoi too! My hobbies are to write stories and draw, especially males because they tend to look feminine. ^^;

I'm into K-Pop and old school music because today's music annoys the hell out of me, but a few of them will make an exception. I'm usually passive-aggressive and nice and enjoy life very much. :D

I personally love to watch movies like comedy, romances and dramas and I really dislike horror (because they don't scare me, just disgust me). XD

Favourite genre of music: anything that interests me and makes complete sense
Favourite style of art: simple and not too complex :)
Operating System: gateway and ASUS
MP3 player of choice: itouch 4th generation and 5th generation
Shell of choice: oyster shells
Wallpaper of choice: any kind
Skin of choice: my own ^^
Favourite cartoon character: America (Alfred F. Jones), Austria (Roderich Edelstein) L, matt (mail jeevas), uryuu ishida, ichigo kurosaki, hisagi, zero kiryu, parano etc.
Personal Quote: there's no denying, just believe in who you are

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